Mental Space Psychology

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The “International Laboratory For Mental Space Research” (ILMSR) proudly presents this documentary about a new perspective on central issues in cognitive and clinical psychology – the emerging concept of “Mental Space”.

Some of the main proponents of this emerging paradigm talk about their understanding of this concept. Practitioners demonstrate some therapeutic applications in their work.

But what is the concept of “Mental Space” all about?

Everything that exists in the physical universe is located somewhere in space. So the fundamentally 3- dimensional nature of everything can be expected to be reflected in the mind itself, too. And there is good evidence, that spatiality is the major feature of our individual mental models of the world. Moreover 3D-imagery seems to be the basis of cognition and feeling itself – an idea which might have the potential to turn psychotherapeutic practice upside down.

Implicitely, yet not fully recognized in its potential for therapeutic change work, the concept of “mental space” emerged already in the early 1980s. Today “Mental Space Psychology” studies both the influence of spatiality on human cognition and emotion and its implications for psychology, mental health and education.

Most of the current body of knowledge has been accumulated over the last 20 years – primarily through systematic patterning of practical experience in imagery-based clinical work.

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